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Little shoe

11 Jun

(Originally posted on Google Plus)

45 years ago, a baby girl wore this shoe. She must have loved to totter around in it (and it’s partner shoe, of course), because, as you can see, it’s quite worn.

That little girl was me. I found the shoe while looking for something in the closet.

At home in Sweden, I have photos of baby Annie wearing this shoe and it’s partner. Holding mom’s or dad’s hand. Squinting against the sun, trying to look at the photographer.

And then I get tears in my eyes. And I cry a little. Because my parents are both gone, and I miss them very much.

Ohhhh well. When I go home to Sweden this summer, I will take Little Shoe with me. Because I’m pretty sure it’s partner shoe resides in a closet there. In the house that used to be my parents’, and that now is mine.

They should be together, the two of them. In that house.

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