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That was only a part of me

16 Jun

You are so changed, he said. And I answered: No, I am not. I am the same. But there are different aspects of every person, different traits, sides and angles. And what you saw during the short time you and I spent together, that was only part of me.

At different times in life, under diverse circumstances, we showcase various sides of ourself to the world. And I wonder if life may be about finding out as much as possible about ourselves, our traits and talents, as we can. And then using that knowledge to better ourselves.

Every person is a very complex being. Does anyone ever find out completely, 100 percent, who they are?
I do not know.


13 Maj

This image and text I originally posted on Google Plus a couple of days ago. I now post it here also, since it is kind of ”bloggish” 😉

Sometimes you just know that you found it. The right place, and the right thing to do. You can’t explain why. You just know. This is it.
And, if you should be so lucky: never mind what people think or say. About you, or what you’re doing. There is a reason that you feel like you feel. Maybe you don’t understand it now, but someday it will be clear, what it was all for.
(Myself, I was most definitely at the right place last weekend, bicycling around the tunnels and underpasses near Hongqiao airport here in Shanghai, in the bloody sweaty presummer heat. With my camera, taking lots of pictures. No, I have NO idea why I felt I had to do this. But I’m sure I will know. Some day.)


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