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People watching in Fuxing Park

13 Maj

Fuxing Park in central Shanghai is a lovely place for people-watching, especially on the weekends. Of course, as a westerner, you get pretty ”watched” yourself, but hey….live and let live, right 😉

In the middle of the park there is serious dancing going on. This couple was one of the best I watched last Saturday. Notice the poise of the guy’s right hand…

Some tango-ish moves happening here.

You don’t have to bring a partner of the opposite sex to join. By the way, notice the guy at the right, looking ardently at the clock on the tree (and who on earth put that clock on the tre?!?!)….pretty sure his date was late…

”Why on earth is she so late? What happened? And I forgot my mobile at home, so I can’t call her…”

This totally matching couple was so cool….

Everybody doesn’t dance. Some choose tai chi in a sheltered space….guarded by Karl Marx and….is that supposed to be Lenin or Engels?

Some chose to tai chi more publicly.

Some jog, while yet some take it easy.

Water-gunning plastic elephants seems to be fun!

You could, of course, join a marching band…

…or  just watch the marching band.

Or take a break from work. And maybe SMS the girlfriend.

Anyone for poker?

You could choose to sit for a while and observe something that nobody else seems to have noticed….

…or simply enjoy the lovely weather with your loved one.

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