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Life in the slow lane, part 1

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Yesterday, me and about 15 other expats went on a walk through some of the old lanes of Shanghai, accompanied by the photographer Gangfeng Wang, who grew up in the area.

The arcitechtural style of the residential houses here is called Shikumen, a unique Chinese-Western mix that only exists in Shanghai. The houses were built for Chinese people who lived in the Western quarters.

The deteriorating Shikumen lanes are being rapidly torn down now. High rises are sprucing up instead. ”What a pity”, we said to each other when we walked through this negihbourhood. But is it? Well, I will ask that question again in Life in the slow lane, part 2.…coming soon….

View from a rooftop terrace

Shaving corner with a view

Looks pretty idyllic, doesn’t it?

The perfect match, I think

On the side

Playtime – for some

Peeking through someone’s door

Shoes drying in the sun

Birdcages en masse

My best photo ever!!!

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