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Tibetan skies

2 Sep

Last week, after returning to China, my family and I visited Llhasa, Tibet, for a couple of days. And despite jetlag in combination with mountain sickness, it was such a magnificent experience.

Trans-Himalaya is often called The Roof of the World. And I understand why. The feeling of being so close to the clear blue sky and white clouds is totally unique. (And not just because you’re dizzy from lack of oxygen!). The sensation of utter silence up in the mountains is magically serene.

Since coming home, I’ve uploaded some pictures from Llhasa to Flickr and Facebook. After that, I’ve been told on Twitter that I am ”clearly aiding China’s propaganda offensive to depict occupied Tibet as a peaceful/contended place”.

Well. I asked the person who wrote this if it would be better for Tibetans if there were no pictures on the Internet that depict the beauty of Tibet. I think that is an interesting question. I also think that the answer is not given.

I did not receive a specific answer. The person in question continued to state basically the same thing – that the pictures clearly aid China’s propaganda illusion.

Well.  The mountains, the sky, the monasterys and palaces are no illusion. And that is why I had no qualms about photographing them, nor uploading the pictures on the Internet. What I photographed was not staged.

I also very much doubt that people who see my pictures automatically will think ”Oh, hooray for China!”

So. For those of you who are interested: here are my pictures. In this entry, I focus on the skies over Llhasa. More entries will follow, with other themes.


First impression, close to landing at Llhasa Airport.

Deprung Monastery, the largest of all Tibetan monasteries.

Jokhang Temple. Many Tibetan buddhists consider this the most sacred temple.

At Llhasa River.

The colours of Tibetan buddhism. One interpretation is: blue for sky, white for cloud, red for fire, green for water and yellow for earth. 

Scenery near Llhasa Airport.














When the summer skies were blue

6 Jul
Summer pool

Summer pool



 Skånska ögonblicksbilder. Idag är himlen grå.

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