Scanian solitude

5 Aug

Especially for my non-Swedish speaking guests: a photo compilation picturing the things I like best about Scania (or Skåne, in Swedish), which is the part of Sweden were I grew up. (Just to make sure:…Swedish speakers are most welcome to enjoy these photos too…)

Scania is the southernmost province in Sweden. It is abundant with wide-open spaces, fields and pastures…things that creates a feeling of freedom, lightness, serene and peaceful solitude within me.

Enjoy the pictures.


At nature reserve Billebjer.


Billebjer again…

Nature reserve Måryd.

Another one from Måryd…

Clearly, I’m not the only one who appreciates some quiet, solitary downtime in Scania 🙂 Pic taken at Humlamaden riding school, where my daughter goes to camp every summer.


5 svar to “Scanian solitude”

  1. Elisabeth lördag, 6 augusti , 2011 den 5:24 f m #

    Haha, fotot på hästen är för roligt! Hästen i fråga ser inte precis ut som om han/hon är intresserad av sällskap. 😉

  2. Selma lördag, 6 augusti , 2011 den 6:02 f m #

    Man blir präglad av sin barndoms landskap.

  3. allatalarsvenska måndag, 8 augusti , 2011 den 1:28 e m #

    Fina bilder! Jag gillar särskilt den med trädet.

  4. annieverse onsdag, 17 augusti , 2011 den 7:45 f m #

    Elisabeth: nä, den pållen ville helst vara för sig själv 😉
    Selma: oh ja.
    allatalarsvenska: tack 🙂

  5. Bryan Duncan MD tisdag, 15 maj , 2012 den 5:29 f m #

    There I was, a young and dreamy child, picturing the course of my life and where it would take me in ten, fifteen, even twenty years.


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